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When repairing an iPhone, it’s required to use a special protective sticker which prevents the working layer from footprints or other marks on the surface.

Following that procedure, you will repair and restore the display module as qualitative as possible. That guarantees a qualitative and responsive performance of the repair. Due to the special base, you can easily get the protective layer unglued and apply the iPhone sticker on the needed part of the smartphone.

In our catalog, you can always find a wide range of high-quality iPhone stickers for all smartphone models. All components are tested before shipment which eliminates the possibility of defective items delivery. In addition, for wholesale customers, we can offer special terms of cooperation.

We have been working on the Chinese electronics market for a very long time, and have managed fully explore its structure. We've managed to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with the verified iPhone stickers manufacturers. We sell only high-quality spare parts at very competitive prices. If you need iPhone stickers, feel free to contact Optima Electronics.