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Nowadays, smartphones consist of multiple ICs connected by flat cables that perform various functions.

The processor is the main integrated circuit IC) at any gadget. An IC can be a function as a charging and mobile communication.

Apple company upgrades ICs for iPhone year by year to fully meet the ever-increasing users' demands. ICs for iPhone are designed by professionals of their craft, because not only smartphone productivity, but also the user's life depends on the quality of these parts.

Unfortunately, service centers often face a problem where to buy ICs for iPhone, which meets all the requirements. The fact remains that, the current electronics market is full of poor-quality fakes, causing enormous injuries to the repair service center specialists’ reputation. Optima Electronics is gladly ready to provide the best service! We have been working on the Chinese electronics market for a very long time, and have managed fully explore its structure. We managed toestablish mutually beneficial cooperation with the verified ICs manufacturers of iPhone.

In our catalog, you can always find high quality original and copied ICs. We are fully responsible for the parts we offer, which quality is not in doubt!

Optima Electronics can offer you ICs for all iPhone models and many other things. iPhone ICs are always available for purchase in bulk from China at the best prices.

Each IC and spare part for iPhone is tested well before shipping. Optima Electronics specifies operational procedures with the service center individually. The price list presented in our catalog, the prices may change, please contact our managers and discuss the terms of cooperation. We appreciate each of our customers, because we are interested in really long-term relations!