Anti Dust Mesh for iPhone

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The anti-dust mesh for iPhone speaker or the protective mesh is designed to protect the smartphone from dust entering. Often, its damage is accompanied by the accumulation of dust inside the smartphone, which leads not only to the audibility deterioration of the person calling you but also can provoke premature failure of the dynamics of your iPhone. If you began to notice that you can’t hear the interlocutor clearly, or the speaker began to make ambient noises, perhaps the problem lies in the resulting blockage on the speaker.

In our catalog, you can always find a wide range of high-quality iPhone anti-dust meshes for all smartphone models. All components are tested before shipment which eliminates the possibility of defective items delivery. In addition, for wholesale customers, we can offer special terms of cooperation.

We have been working on the Chinese electronics market for a very long time, and have managed fully explore its structure. We've managed to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with the verified iPhone components manufacturers. We sell only high-quality spare parts at very competitive prices. If you need iPhone anti-dust mesh, feel free to contact Optima Electronics.