The services

We recommend large companies to use the procurement management system developed by us, which will allow to create a remote office: to select a small team of Chinese citizens, to organize a warehouse in the territory of the PRC, to monitor it, plan and carry out shipment of goods and quality control. Applicable to different product groups.

Payment upon receipt of goods - the launch of this service is planned for the near future (for more information, please contact our managers). This is a good option, combining the fastest delivery terms and low prices, allowing the maximum use of working capital, a minor adjustment of the nomenclature for your needs is possible. More data will be available later, follow our news on Social Networks!

The offer is being developed.

Working with us you get:

  • Remote office
  • Warehouse in China
  • Possibility of consolidated purchases with quality control
  • Quality packaging, shipment of goods


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If you are interested in our services, you can find out more information about our company, about payment methods and delivery, as well as contact us or ask your question in the form below!