About us

Optima Electronics has over 6 years of experience in supplying spare parts and components for smartphones repairing. Formed in 2013, Optima Electronics has fast proved to perform as a reliable supplier of smartphone spare parts and other equipment in countries of Central Asia and East Europe.

Large growth has formed mainly from our repeat customers/organizations that use us on a monthly basis. Our goal – to offer each and every customer (however small their order is) an unbeatable service both in delivery and quality of products. Our staff strives on offering the best in parts, repairs and customer service. We only source the best quality parts and tools for our customers. Each part has individual information about quality. We feel by offering such service, our customer base has grown immensely and without you, we wouldn’t have a business.

Optima Electronics is a dynamically developing company, a well-established company in the local market, now is expanding its sales market and ready to offer its quality products and special terms of cooperation to the countries of the European Union and the USA.

We will help youorganize the delivery of the purchased order consignment to your region, in a way convenient for you.

We offer the best price in combination with quality, for small and medium batches of the goods.

We can offer the following services:

  • Remote office
  • Remote warehouse
  • Consolidated purchases with quality control
  • Quality packaging, the shipment of goods

We can offer a procurement management system developed by Optima Electronics for large companies which allows to build up a remote office: gather a small team of Chinese citizens, organize a warehouse in the territory of the PRC, monitor it, plan and carry out the shipment of goods, and quality control. Applicable to different product groups.

We invite you to visit the most interesting city of Shenzhen, rapidly turned into a world center of the electronic industry.

* Important information! We would appreciate it if you install WECHAT messenger ( download on iOS, download to ANDROID, download to WINDOWS), ) on your smartphone, PC, laptop, this allows us to communicate in real-time, exchange files, get information about the status of the work being done.  It is necessary when working with China. You can add a contact by scanning the QR code or ID below.  

QR Code

E-mail: info@optima-electronics.com; Wechat ID: optimainfo

If you are interested in our company you can find out more information about the terms of payment and delivery, about the services, we offer, and also contact us or ask your question in the feedback form below.

If you are from:
  • Czech Republic
  • Republic of Belarus
  • Kirghizia
  • USA
  • Uzbekistan
  • Lithuania
  • Armenia
  • UAE
  • South Korea

We would be pleased to startcooperating!

What does our partner get?

Optima Electronics provides its partners with IT infrastructure (website, automated accounting system, CRM), which allows them to carry out a supply and client cooperation in an automated mode. The orders shipped at direct factory prices to a partner, which is certainly a special offer and allows them to occupy a dominant position in the local market.

Quality control, packaging, and delivery of goods are provided by our company. A partner support office is working, including the sales department, call center, and marketing department. Innovations and nomenclature, implemented by one partner, becomes available to everyone else! Everything becomes easier with us!