Are you looking for a supplier of spare parts, accessories and repair equipment for Apple products and various smartphone brands? Optima Electronics offers you the best price/quality ratio.

Important information! Optima Electronics will soon be actively engaged in the development of a partner network in Europe and Asia. A limited number of new customers will be attracted, and after a partner appears in a particular region, spare parts from a warehouse in China will no longer be shipped to customers in this region. Trade will be conducted only by the partner. For more information on partnership, see the About Us section. If you are interested in the exclusive right to represent our company in your region, please contact us and get information about the terms of cooperation!

We offer an affordable price in combination with good quality for small and medium batches of goods, as well as provide a guarantee for the shipped goods. We have a large selection of spare parts for smartphones wholesale.

We supply LCDs only after full test, focusing on centering and excluding defective pixels, random turns on/off and touch screen digitizer failure. Optima Electronics supplies original and copied LCDs in two versions:

  • Copieswe offer the best quality and excellent backlight.
  • FOG – the original matrix, the remaining components can be either copy or original.
  • OEM – the excellent quality. All LCD components are original, including the backlight

Batteries are always available for purchase, original bank, flat cable, ICs, as well as battery copies.

Flexible flat cables are mainly original, copies are available for purchase as well.

LCD components – frames, glass, polarizing film, OCA.

Back covers – original camera glass, flash light lens glass, “the apple” icon and battery adhesive tape.

Replacement equipment, tools, programming tools – we will help you choose the right spare parts for your needs, we also provide the best prices, which are lower than those on the Chinese trading platforms.

Optima Electronics offers the best prices in combination with quality for small and medium batches of goods, furthermore we provide them with a warranty. This is why we offer you a wide range of smartphone replacement part wholesale.

We are able to offer a procurement management system for large companies developed by Optima Electronics which allows to build up a remote office: assemble a small team of Chinese citizens, organize a warehouse in the territory of the PRC, monitor it, plan and carry out the order shipment, and quality control. Applicable to different product groups.

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