Are you looking for a supplier of spare parts for phones of various brands, Apple gadgets, accessories for it? Optima Electronics company offers the best quality-to-price ratio.

LCDs are offered after a full check, the broken pixels, extraneous inclusions are omitted, we pay attention to centering, incorrect work of the digitizer is omitted. We supply copies and originals in two versions:

  • Copies - we offer the best possible quality, good backlight.
  • FOG - an original matrix, the remaining components can be either a copy or an original.
  • OEM - an excellent quality. All LCD components are original, including the backlight.

Batteries are always in stock, original: bank, flat cable, ICs. We do not offer battery copies.

Flexible flat cables are mostly original, we can also supply copies on request.

LCD components - glass with frame, polarizing film, OCA.

Back covers - camera glass, flash glass and the apple are original, complete with adhesive tape for the battery.

Equipment, tools, programmers - we will pick the ones you need, we will give the prices better, than those on the Chinese trading platforms.

Payment upon receipt of the goods in Moscow or further shipment to the regions is possible if iPhone batteries of LCDs are chosen. We are working to launch the proposal in 2018. It is a good option, combining the fastest delivery terms and prices, a small correction of the commodity nomenclature for your needs is possible.

We offer the best price in combination with quality, for small and medium lots of the goods.

We offer large companies to use the procurement management system developed by us, which will allow you to create a remote office: to select a small team of Chinese citizens, to organize a warehouse in the territory of the PRC, to monitor it, plan and carry out the shipment of goods, and quality control.

Applicable to different product groups.

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